Treat your Creative Child to an Amazing Dib Dab Art Party!

Take the worry and stress away of organising a children’s birthday party and have a Dib Dab Art Party instead – our parties start from 2 years old. We provide all the party invitations, equipment and materials. The art party workshop lasts an hour and we are happy to come to a venue of your choice.

Your child will create beautiful Art with their friends and everyone gets to take home an amazing keepsake as well as a themed party bag, containing a craft kit.

Our party themes include: Princesses and Knights, Bugs and Butterflies, Fairies and Wizards, Themed Stencil Art, or we can talk to you to provide a bespoke party.

£14 PER CHILD (for the first ten)
£12 PER CHILD (for remaining number)

Party Bags start at £3/each



I hope you are looking forward to your Dib Dab Art party, we will be very pleased to see you. We can create an Art Party for children up to 11 years old.