Dec 12

End of Term Reflections

Posted on 12th December 2016 in Art Club News

It’s the first Monday for a while we haven’t run 4 classes in a day. It’s the Christmas holidays here at Dib Dab and time to take a break and also time to plan ahead.

As always we had another great term and it was a pleasure to see so many children returning to classes after the summer holidays and also to meet lots of lovely new ones!

I feel very lucky that we are able to inspire so many children to have fun, have-a-go and build self confidence and exploration along the way.

In our after school club we have the Club Rules. This started as an informal way to start class and has turned into a regular slot that the children look forward to. Infact we encourage the children to suggest Club Rules. A few of my firm favourites that are repeated week on week are:

Always come into class with a smile on your face and your imagination in your pocket!

There is no such thing as Can’t at Dib Dab only Can!

Nothing is impossible if you try!

There is no such thing as wrong in Art only right!

Lets not swing from the ceiling fans even when we are really happy!

Thinking about the happiness of all the children that pass through our classes in a term brings a great sense of achievement and pleasure to all of the team. We are continually amazed at how the children develop both creatively and personally; their growing confidence and self belief is evident from one month to the next. This is true of the babies who arrive with their mummy’s at baby messy through to our older children at after school classes.

We were also lucky enough to be invited to run some in-school workshops with two different Ks1 year groups. Working with 30 children on a communal artwork was a challenge and a first for Dib Dab. We were pleased that they all ran really smoothly with the right combination of fun and messy art!

This exercise gave me the chance to think again how every child has the ability to focus and engage in an creative challenge and to really experience the joy of making something given the right environment and encouragement.

Too often children are labelled academic, sporty, musical and therefore art would be wasted on them. This is a dangerous path to follow as every one of us has the ability to be creatively inspired, to understand the pleasure of creating something from scratch. The pleasure of producing something that doesn’t come with a stack of rules attached.

Art is about pushing boundaries and learning about our own capabilities. It’s about looking at something and knowing you created something unique. Your own blueprint. This process builds into so many other areas of life from toddler to adult and here at Dib Dab we are keen to help every member fulfil their potential.

We are now planning some new and exciting additions to kick start our January term and we hope to see lots of you returning and new members starting.

Help us spread the Dib Dab bug please! X



Article written by Long Jo date: 12th December 2016