Nov 8

History of Dib Dab Art Club

Posted on 8th November 2016 in Art Club News

Dib Dab Art Club has grown from one tiny tester class in a Scout hut in Oxshott to a children’s Art Club that runs 8 classes a week. This has all happened in two years and we have no plans to slow down progression!
Our greatest belief is all children benefit and thrive from creative activities from a very young age. Stimulating the creative side of the brain feeds into every area of their development as they grow and learn. With this passion under-pinning our ethos and our enormous love of Art and Crafts we created an Art Club for kids that they could join and stay with as they grew too!

We started with one Pre-school class running in Pizza Express Cobham as we were keen to bring a new kind of Pre-school experience to parents aswell as children. We wanted a class where parents/carers could have a great coffee and also where you could get your child’s lunch before heading off…A creative morning experience all under one roof!

Our Wednesday class was so popular we quickly opened a Friday morning class and Pizza Express Cobham even learnt our Welcome song!

On the back of our Pre-school classes we started thinking about classes for older children and babies. Parents were asking if we would do parties for their children and what about holiday camps!
WOW! We were blown away with the amazing support and the demand for our classes grew and grew.

In our second year Royal Kent School in Oxshott invited us to start an After School Club within the school and this for us was a major achievement. We wrote a curriculum based Art Program for KS2 and we are now run KS1 and KS2 clubs at Cobham Free School too. We are thrilled to be able to offer children the chance to develop and explore their creativity within the school day.
Which school will be next?

Article written by Long Jo date: 8th November 2016