Mar 7

The importance of Baby Messy Art

Posted on 7th March 2016 in Art Club News

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From as young as 6 months babies can benefit from being exposed to making Art. Getting messy with paint stimulates the senses. The tactile experence gained during messy art helps little ones experience a variety of textures and feelings. While using the paint, babies and toddlers are developing hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills. What looks like a complete messy time on the paper is a truly early learning experience for your child.

By providing a variety of different tools to spread the paint the whole experience becomes more fun and stimulating. Craft sticks, rollers, large pieces of sponge and chunky paintbrushes make it easy for your baby to manipulate. They get to experience a variety of different textures when they are painting and sploshing!

Messy Art is designed with babies natural curiosity in mind. It encourages a positive approach to new experiences. There is no “right” way for children to do messy art. This builds self-confidence and self-esteem from a very young age. Through messy art, children can develop concentration and it can also offer an outlet for feelings and thoughts.

Article written by Long Jo date: 7th March 2016