Baby messy

Our Baby Messy Art Classes have been developed primarily for babies from 10-24 months. We do however encourage parents to get in touch if they have active or advanced 6 month olds as we believe its never too young to be exposed to Art.

The class has been structured in baby-bite-size sections to engage your baby without over stimulating or over loading their concentration span. The class runs for 35 minutes and starts with our Dib Dab Welcome song where babies get to shake musical instruments and clap along. We then have lots of fun getting messy with paint and your baby is free to touch and work with the paint as much as they like. The middle section is when we create a simple artwork working closely with Mum so as to create quality time and bonding with your baby. Then we move into our Discover & Do time where there is play and interacton with shapes and numbers, towers and sensory balls. We always end class with a story to relax and calm before we shake out our goodbye with a song and a rattle! At Sandown Play Cafe there is also a 30 minute softplay included in your class price which is available to take before or after the art class.



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