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    Toddler art class

    Toddler Art is a wonderful imaginitive class where your preschooler can let-off creative steam in a wonderful nursery setting at St.Teresas in Effingham.

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    Baby messy

    Our Baby Messy Art Classes have been developed primarily for babies from 10-24 months. We do however encourage parents to get in touch if they have active or advanced 6 month olds as we believe its never too young to be exposed to Art.

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    Wacky Warhols

    Wacky Warhol’s is our mini masters class.

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    Pre-school art class

    We are currently teamed up with Pizza Express and Brouge to bring you and your preschooler a new experience in a child’s Art Class.

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    After-school art club

    Our After-School and Lunch-Time Art Clubs have been created primarily for children age 4-11 years.

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