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Dib DAB Art Boxes

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Dreams can come true! Dib DAB Art kits were always part of the business plan but there was never enough time in the working day to create a concept and a model. Until lockdown 2020 when the world had to stay home and life as we all knew it changed in an instant.

I immediately knew what needed to be done. We needed to bring Dib Dab classes to children at home. The first kit created was inspired by our early years classes and weekly themes but we wanted to create an art box that felt extra special and was carefully designed. Having worked in graphic design for many years, both in publishing and retail I am very aware of the power of a beautifully designed book or product. I wanted our first box to be tactile and full of activities that the early-years child can not wait to do!

We also wanted to keep our boxes affordable and value for money. I had a picture in my head of how the box should look...I just needed to make that a reality! The starting point for the early years box was created around four values which I believe are super important for young children on a daily basis.

Make. Learn. Discover. Play. Each box is themed and there is always a minimum of two crafts plus other activities where your child can learn about the subject, colours, numbers, with individual cards to keep.

Once we launched our Early Years Box it sold out within 24 hours. It was overwhelming and thrilling in equal measures. 25 boxes sold within 24 hours! We have had wonderful feedback and repeat orders already and we are now restocked and selling more! I am now designing the second early years box...

We have also launched a Junior Art School box this week aimed at children 6-12 years. This box is my dream come true! As a child I would have loved to receive a box welcoming me to Junior Art School. Where rules are different to regular school and everything is slightly brighter and bolder...and let’s be honest, more fun!

The title of this first box is Who Am I? It seemed a great place to start and a wonderful introduction to design, communication and problem solving.

Each box comes with two lessons. This box has ‘how to design your first logo‘ and ‘how to create a graphic self portrait’. Included in the box is a mirror, washi tape, sticky notes for brainstorming ideas, and a tonne of gorgeous stationary; so many lovely papers and cards. I defy any child (or adult!) not to feel inspired and happy when greeted with such bright colours and fantastic textures.

We are super excited that these boxes are now also flying off our virtual shelves and into children’s home. We are so passionate about getting kids creating and thinking about life differently. All our kits will help children do this.

For us this is just the beginning of bringing our brand of creativity, art and design to your children. With over 20 years experience in design, retail, production and 10 years in education through to post graduate mentoring these boxes will be full of some of the coolest, engaging, and exciting ideas for kids; aimed at the perfect age bracket.

Our children will need to be the most creative and innovative generation; full of fast thinking, ideas-driven solutions. These skills will be needed across all professions, so help them get a head start by understanding the importance of learning a skill set based in creativity.

Its not about thinking outside the box-that’s so last decade- it’s about opening the lid and delving in!

Our art boxes can be purchased in our shop at

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