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Summer Term Timetable

As promised we wanted to help inspire your children for their return to school next week. Monday is always a busy day for Dib Dab when classes are running. We meet and teach a lot of children from ages 1-10years and we know we will miss seeing all the parents and children next week.

So with this in mind we thought we would create a simple fun timetable to help everyone start back to term happy and inspired. The timetable is aimed at children age 4-10years.

You can download the timetable from our website and together with your child you can fill in the timetable hour by hour. There is a front cover where your child can write their name and age and their favourite lessons. It is important to help give your child part ownership of their day as this helps them feel more included and more inclined to learn. By filling in their timetables they are helping to plan their lessons and will be keen to tick off their progress.

Throughout the timetable there are ideas for lessons or ideas to make and create. At the end of the week there is a section for reflection and goal setting for the following week.

The pages are colourful and fun and if you have sticky stars or reward stickers you can always add them to the stars at the bottom of the pages for good work.

This timetable can be kept and saved in a folder as a reminder of the time when your child was home schooled.

This timetable is designed to help make learning at home fun and rewarding. Simple structure and routine is beneficial for a calm and happy child. When learning is fun and progress can be seen, children are keen to do more. Remember lots of praise and lots of stars! Have fun.

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