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Our second Early Years Dib Dab Art Box is aimed at children age 2-5years. Included in this wonderful box of crafts is everything your child will need to make an under the sea play scene. Once they have made all the elements in the box they can use their imaginations to take their submarine under the sea and discover all the wonders at the bottom of the ocean.


Included in the box are materials to make the sea, sea bed, a treasure chest; complete with jewels and gems. 

Beautiful sea creature stickers. 

Paper seaweed. 

Paper fish to make.

There is also a submarine to make complete with periscope and rudder! 

There are shells, Pom-poms, extra stickers and lots more!!


As with all our early year boxes they are  underpinned with our four values: make, learn, discover and play so there is a discover card and a learn sheet with early years learning. There is a make sheet with colour in and cut out sea creatures and there is child friendly step by step instructions on a make sheet.


This box really is a complete creative experience for your early years child encouraging them to learn through make and play and imagination.

Under the Sea - Dib Dab Art Box

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