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We now offer after school clubs, holiday workshops for children and Painting Nights for adults all on-line

We also offer online parties and corporate team building events.


Art gives a child the
opportunity to make
choices and solve problems.



Baby messy
art class

The class has been structured in creative baby-bite-size sections to engage your baby, from 10-24 months; without over stimulating their concentration span.


art class

The class is developed and structured to engage a child from 18months-4 years with just the right balance of painting art, structured fine motor skill crafting and chill out story-time.


art class

Fun and exploratory this class is loosely structured to develop a sense of freedom where your preschooler can let-off creative steam in a relaxed and friendly space.


Wacky Warhols

Wacky Warhol’s is our mini masters class. This class is inspired by great artists and includes lots of exploratory and collaborative work. We look at art from different cultures and also how to express ourselves through textural and expressive art. 


After-school art club

Our after school art club has been developed to engage and inspire school age children with a rich creative curriculum. Children learn art history alongside creative drawing, painting and sculpting projects. Each child is exposed to a range of different art materials and techniques. 

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    Founder & director

    Art has always been a major part of my life and from a very young age I was at my happiest when I was painting and creating. After leaving Alleyns School in Dulwich, London, I studied Foundation Art and Design at Chelsea School of Art followed by a BA Hons Graphic Design at The London College of Communications. My professional career as a graphic designer and art director spans over 15 years working for international publishing houses, design agencies and world renowned dance and retail companies.

  • beth.jpg



    I’m Beth and I started Dib Dab Art Club with Jo when she came knocking at my kitchen door in 2014 with her amazing ideas about starting a local Children’s Art Club!

    I have always enjoyed working with children and dabbling in arts and crafty things and it was a great chance to develop my passion in this area. I love running the art classes and receive such huge reward and enjoyment from seeing how much children get in return.

  • rachel.jpg


    Teaching assistant

    I passionately believe in the power of creative activities for building confidence and self-esteem in children. In art there are no right or wrong answers which is why having the freedom and space to get messy and creative offers such a great opportunity for children to explore their ideas without the fear of getting it wrong. This is something I see in my work as a counsellor in a primary school and I know that it works.

  • laura.jpg


    Class leader

    I loved studying A-Level Art, but decided to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.  I have had a great deal of experience leading classes as a Physiotherapist and enjoyed diversifying my role to teach an art class to adults living with brain injury.  I have also volunteered in nursery, play group and PTA events to deliver craft activities.  I am particularly interested in the strength and motor control required to support emergant writers and artists.

  • yvette.jpg


    Class assistant

    I’ve always been passionate about art and studied Art to A’ level and am very keen to study art therapy in the future as I find it a fascinating subject. I have experience working with children as I am also a Ski instructor at Sandown ski club and I love seeing children’s enthusiasm when they are doing something they love. I can not wait to meet all the wonderful children at Dib Dab and help them have fun and get creative!

  • annaheenan.jpg


    Class leader

    I'm a Life Coach specialising in Wellbeing. I have previously worked in a Primary School as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, both roles requiring creative flair on a daily basis.  When children are given freedom to express their creativity through art we witness an increase in confidence to try something new, a tenacity to independently problem solve and resilience to keep going even when a project didn't go to the original plan. I'm sure we would all agree as parents that these are the personal traits we would love our children to take into adult life and here at Dib Dab they are taught whilst having tremendous fun!

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    Teaching assistant

    Hi, I’m Clare. I am so excited to be assisting with Dib Dab classes and working with such a creative and fun team. In addition to working with Dib Dab I design clothing and accessories for children so creativity and imagination are a huge part of my daily life. I am a Mum of three and at home art plays a very important role. Our kitchen is both my workshop, and the arts and crafts centre for the children (and me!). With a preschool teaching assistant background I am really looking forward to working with children again. My youngest two have also just started with Dib Dab this term and have absolutely loved the classes. I look forward to meeting you soon.

  • lynn.jpg


    Teaching assistant

    Hello - I’m Lynn and I’m delighted to be part of the Dib Dab family!
    I’m mum to 2 boys aged 11 and 7 and am also a Learning Support Assistant in the Infant department of our local primary school.
    I’ve been a Dib Dab Super-fan (from the sidelines) since my eldest son joined the after-school club back in the early days.
    Our walls are adorned with lots of vibrant, exciting artwork - now added to by my youngest son who is also a Dib Dab regular.
    I love working with children and I feel lucky to be part of something that brings out creativity and joy in such a fun, relaxed way. The energy fairly whizzes around the room during classes! And it’s so great to see proud children with their creations at the end of the class.
    “Pictures are poems without words.”

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