Art gives a child the
opportunity to make
choices and solve problems.
Art builds confidence.


The class has been structured in creative baby-bite-size sections to engage your baby, from 10-24 months; without over stimulating their concentration span.

The class is developed and structured to engage a child from 18months-4 years with just the right balance of painting art, structured fine motor skill crafting and chill out story-time.

Fun and exploratory this class is loosely structured to develop a sense of freedom where your preschooler can let-off creative steam in a relaxed and friendly space.

Wacky Warhol’s is our mini masters class. This class is inspired by great artists and includes lots of exploratory and collaborative work. We look at art from different cultures and also how to express ourselves through textural and expressive art. 

Our after school art club has been developed to engage and inspire school age children with a rich creative curriculum. Children learn art history alongside creative drawing, painting and sculpting projects. Each child is exposed to a range of different art materials and techniques. 


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