• I love DIB DAB. I love everything I have made at DIB DAB, its the best thing in my life and when I grow up I want to be a designer of really brilliant things like this.

    Emily - Aged 5
  • I love DIB DAB because you get to draw and you can draw the whole lesson and it is fun!

    Evan - Aged 7
  • I love DIB DAB because they teach me how to draw and I learn how to do shading!

    Alisa - Aged 8
  • I love DIB DAB Art club becasue they show you so much art and techniques. It is amazing and cool. They show you different famous artists who do cool art. I think you should check out DIB DAB as they also give you your own art supplies to use.

    Rachel - Aged 9
  • I like DIB DAB because I love art and we do a range of techniques which helps me do better Art.

    Ruth - Aged 9
  • I love Dib Dab Art Club because their art is amazing and awesome and it makes me happy! Three cheers for Dib Dab!

    Torran - Aged 7
  • After the first class of DIBDAB my daughter was hooked and all week she wouldnt stop asking when the next ‘Dib Dab ‘ class was! I was very impressed with structure of the class and with the lovely art the kids created.

    Dellna, Cobham
  • Dib Dab rocks! My son can’t get enough. It’s not just your ordinary song, talk, arts and a story class. It is so much more. Children leave with a huge sense of accomplishment as they’ve created something awesome, not just a scribble but a beautiful art that resembles the real thing

    Hana - Oxshott
  • “Dib Dab organised my daughter’s party at Pizza Express in Cobham recently and I could not have been happier with both the service they provided and the party itself. It was planned to perfection with incredible attention to detail.

    Becky - Cobham